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Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:00am at Evans Elementary, located at 1675 Winnebago Rd. When you visit you park in the front of the school and enter through the main entrance. There will be signs to help guide you and friendly greeters to welcome you and point you in the right direction. As you come down the hall you will enter the cafeteria where you will find our welcome table with information about the church as well as our coffee and breakfast goodies tables. Help yourself! Also, the dress is "come as you are" so if you want to dress up...go for it, but if you feel more comfortable in everyday clothes that works too.

If you have children, you can register them for TLCKids Church (ages 4-11) or they are welcome to join us in the main service. When you enter the gymnasium simply look for some seats available and get ready for a great morning. Our service usually begins with a welcome, and a reading from the Bible, followed by a time of singing together. If you don't know the songs don't worry just listen, jump in when you feel comfortable, and enjoy this time as time to let your heart and mind be turned to God. After singing there is a time of prayer led by Pastor Keith and then the kids are dismissed with our TLCKids Team. Pastor Keith will then bring about a 30 minute sermon from the Bible and walk us through the passage, show us how it is relevant to our lives with stories and illustrations, and then encourage us to apply it to our lives as we walk into the week ahead of us. There is usually a time of prayer after the sermon and then everyone is dismissed. You can then head home, hang around and talk with others, receive prayer from one of our Pastoral staff, ask questions, or grab some more breakfast goodies and coffee as you head out. Our service starts at 10:00am and ends right about 11:25am. We hope to see you soon!

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