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To be the center of LIFE in our community.


To befriend and help people right where they are so they can see Jesus.


True Life Community Church was planted Easter Sunday morning in 2004. This Easter we will celebrate our 20th birthday! God has been so faithful to our church through these years. The church was started with the hope of sharing with others about the LIFE that Jesus came to give to every person who would believe in Him. This is still our hope!

Pastor Keith Morgan is the founding Pastor and continues to lead TLCC along with an incredible group of staff and ministry leaders. During the past 20 years we have met in seven different locations, including Horizon Middle School, Stadia Ct., PTEC, Sand Creek High School, Eastridge Park (during COVID-19), The LIFE Center, and our current location at Evans Elementary School (1675 Winnebago Rd). What we are so incredibly grateful for is that each one of these locations is within this community that we love and to which we want to be a blessing. Thank you, God! Our dream is to one day have our own facility large enough to house our church and a community center that blesses our neighbors. We are getting close!!!

We opened the Life Center in February 2021 after four months of remodeling and transforming it from from a massage parlor into a community center. God is amazing! The Life Center is a bright light in Cimarron Hills and offers real help and hope to our neighbors.



True Life is a Christian Church and is part of the Church of the Nazarene - a denomination that emphasizes compassion, missions, and becoming more like Jesus as we grow closer to God and each other. We are a "come as you are" church that loves to grow and learn, serve, sing, eat, drink coffee, have fun, and do life together.


 To be the Center of LIFE in our community! It is our dream to one day open The LIFE Center. A full scale Community Center that provides numerous resources to the community and serves as a home for TLCC. We have stepped into our vision by opening The LIFE Center (1.0) in February of 2021, located at 1857 Peterson Rd.


 We exist to give people an alternative to "life as usual" by introducing them to Jesus and the LIFE to the full that He came to make possible for everyone. We believe this LIFE is realized through belief in Jesus followed by growth. This growth is found in worship, Bible study, small groups, serving, selflessness, laughing and crying together, and giving the church away to the next generation.

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