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We opened the Life Center in February 2021 after four months of remodeling and transforming it from from a massage parlor into a community center. God is amazing! The Life Center is a bright light in Cimarron Hills and offers real help and hope to our neighbors. We use this little facility for almost everything: bible studies, community events, a food pantry, and we even host a Spanish church on Sunday afternoons! We plan on continuing to stretch the limits of our community center until God provides us with the location for our Life Center 2.0.


Our hope is to one day build The Life Center 2.0 to continue our current work while also being able to run Sunday morning services there. Our dream is to provide life skills classes and give the people of the community a safe space to be able to hang out, work on what they need to, and grow in their faith of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If you would like to learn more about the Life Center, please swing on by and see what we are all about. The Life Center is located at 1857 Peterson Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80915.


If you need food or know someone who needs food, please stop by sometime this week while we are open. We know that these times are hard and we want to bless our community because our God has blessed us with the means to do so. We have non-perishables, produce, and frozen goods to help feed you and your family in your times of need. If you are unable to come during our current hours, please contact us and we will find a time for you to come on in. 

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