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Here at True Life Community Church, we've been overwhelmed by the ways God has been growing our little church. True Life Community Church (TLCC) has been serving the Cimarron Hills area for twenty years, and we've seen God's faithfulness year after year in His provision for the church. In 2020, we started renting a little storefront at Peterson and Palmer Park Blvd with the dream that it would serve as a community center for the surrounding neighborhoods, and we called it the Life Center. We had no idea how God would use this space to help meet the needs of the people living here, nor did we have any idea how the Life Center would be the catalyst that sparked a huge season of growth for TLCC. In 2023, the Life Center helped to feed over ______ people. But beyond feeding hungry people, our goal at the Life Center is to make everyone who comes through the doors feel seen, known, and loved — because they are seen known, and loved by the Creator of the Universe. We are a church where we want people to belong before they ever believe or "behave." 


It wasn't long until the Life Center was bursting at the seams; as people felt known, loved, and had many of their basic needs met, our little church began to explode. We soon stopped having Sunday services at the Life Center and moved to Evans Elementary because we had run out of space! 

In addition to the growth of the church, the Life Center has continued to grow and now feeds upwards of 2,000 people on a monthly basis. God has been abundantly faithful in meeting the needs of this church as well as this community, but we now find ourselves needing more space to accommodate the growth that has come. That's why we're launching the 1,000 Friends of True Life campaign. 

our goal is to raise $100,000 this year so that we can find a space to serve as the life center 2.0, and we're hoping that 1,000 people giving $100 can help us meet that need.

We long to move into a space that is large enough to serve not only as a location for our Sunday morning services, which are growing in number every week, but also as an expanded food pantry. The reality is that we are out of space and have hit capacity at the Life Center. Our little walk-in closet is bursting at the seams with food, the front of the store is filled with tables overflowing with produce and baked goods, and we have no more space to take in more food. Whether you can give $100, $15 or even $5, every bit helps as we desire to find a space that will meet the changing needs of the church as well as the food pantry. In addition, we are asking our friends to share this campaign with their friends on social media and spread the word. 

To be a part of helping to launch the Life Center 2.0 (which will help meet the physical and spiritual needs of many in the Cimarron Hills community), please give below and designate your gift towards "1,000 Friends of True Life." Thank you for your financial contribution!



True Life is a Christian Church and is part of the Church of the Nazarene - a denomination that emphasizes compassion, missions, and becoming more like Jesus as we grow closer to God and each other. We are a "come as you are" church that loves to grow and learn, serve, sing, eat, drink coffee, have fun, and do life together.


 To be the Center of LIFE in our community! It is our dream to one day open The LIFE Center. A full scale Community Center that provides numerous resources to the community and serves as a home for TLCC. We have stepped into our vision by opening The LIFE Center (1.0) in February of 2021, located at 1857 Peterson Rd.


 We exist to give people an alternative to "life as usual" by introducing them to Jesus and the LIFE to the full that He came to make possible for everyone. We believe this LIFE is realized through belief in Jesus followed by growth. This growth is found in worship, Bible study, small groups, serving, selflessness, laughing and crying together, and giving the church away to the next generation.

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