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weekly schedule


Worship Service @ 9:30am/10:45am


Youth Group, 6:30-8:00pm, at the LIFE Center.

Young Adult Bible study, 7-8:30pm at 1086 Wagon Wheel Blvd.

This Month (January):

We have started a new adult Bible study group on Thursday nights from 7:00-8:15pm. Join us for "Created to Serve" @ The LIFE Center.

Prayer Initiative:

Please pray for TLCC everyday for one minute from 4:15-4:16.

- Ephesians 4:15-16

Happy New Year!

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This month we are walking through Isaiah chapter 43 as we heed the call to step into the wilderness with the love of Jesus. The wilderness can be a scary place but God says, "do not be afraid, for I am with you".  God is calling us to be His witnesses in a world that has put it's hope in all the wrong things.  "You are my witnesses" He says, witnesses that He is God! He is a God of mercy who is ready to do a new thing in the lives of everyone who will turn their eyes to Him. God is making a way in the wilderness and even the wild animals will honor Him.  Join us Sundays at either 9:30am or 10:45am at the LIFE Center. 1857 Peterson Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80915 in the Cimarron Hills Shopping Center. You can also join us on Facebook Live each Sunday morning at 10:45am.

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Come Visit!

1857 Peterson Rd in the Cimarron Hills Shopping Center

FYI, our food giveaways continue to be a huge blessing to our community! We served close to 100 people on December 30th and around 70 folks on January 13th. Our next food giveaway will not be until February 10th, but our food pantry is always available to those who could use some groceries.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you Lord!


TLCC Book Club!


The TLCC book club is under way and we are starting our next book on January 10th.  Our next book is "Live No Lies" by John Mark Comer. If you would like to read along just purchase a copy of the book and start reading. You can get it on Amazon or anywhere you order books. There is also a Kindle edition. We will take 6 weeks for each book to keep a non-burdensome pace. At the end of each 6 weeks we will meet to talk about the book we just finished over coffee at the LIFE Center (Zoom option as well). Our next gathering will be Feb. 26th, 1:00pm, at the LIFE Center.

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The mission of True Life Community Church is to provide people with an alternative to "life as usual" by introducing them to "LIFE to the Full" found in Jesus!

Got a question or want more information about True Life Community Church or The LIFE Center? Text or call us at

719-271-6882, email us at churchattruelife@gmail.com, or follow us on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.